Web Developer | Rush Star Wireless | Oct 2016 – present

Designing and developing public and internal company websites.

  • Developing and maintaining corporate websites using HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP and Wordpress.
  • Developing TracFone Exclusive Stores website catalog and login portal using PHP.
  • Designing banners, flyers, presentations and guides.
  • Designed corporate mascot character, Rush the Dog.
  • Building and sending out e-mail and text blasts via MailChimp.
  • Managing company social media sites.
  • Creating and managing registration and contact forms via FormSite.

Lead Graphic / UA Designer | Mino Games | Aug 2012 – May 2016

Designing graphics and videos for top-grossing apps with over 13 million users. Expediting user acquisition research and design.

  • Creating graphics and assets for web, iOS and Android applications.
  • Developing graphics and videos for iTunes App Store and Google Play banners, promos and screenshots.
  • Designing graphics for commercial merchandise including apparel, toys and accessories.
  • Producing graphic and video ads for UA campaigns reaching billions across the world through apps, television, and social media.
  • Providing graphics and assets to partner businesses including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Chartboost for localization and marketing.

Lead Graphic / UX Designer | Tross Solutions | Oct 2013 – Jan 2015

Responsible for producing high-quality designs to achieve optimal web and mobile user experience.

  • Designed vector-based corporate and branding logos, icons and trademarks.
  • Received letter of Commendation from SDSU president for achievement in heading the design of commercial biotech application and wearables which attained Top 10 in the Qualcomm XPrize.
  • Led the development and design of cross-platform educational games and emergency dispatch applications.
  • Led agile scrum meetings with design and development teams, arbitrating design and integration strategies.
  • Engineered and orchestrated UX research, flowcharts, wireframes and rapid prototyping.

Web Designer, Administrator | MinoSource | 2011 – present

As what began as a personal-project, MinoSource.net has become the leading online Mino Monsters community. It’s popularity opened the path to my current position at Mino Games.

  • Designed and developed fully fluid and responsive hand-coded site programmed, scripted and implemented with PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and MySQL.
  • Engineered with progressive enhancement standards, deploying mobile-first design strategies, cross-platform optimization and augmentative viewport configurations.
  • Performing user experience data mining and analysis to attain optimal design interface.
  • Launched and regulated community forum database.

Freelance Multimedia Designer | 2004 – present

Exercising my web and graphic design skills, I have taken on various freelance opportunities.

  • J&RP – industrial graphic and branding design.
  • The Summit (The Springs CC) – infographics, graphic design.
  • Doxa CBCSD - branding and web design
  • China Chef – web design.
  • TCCF – branding and web design.
  • Fandom (Wikia) – founded various wikis, designed web UI and graphics in cross-community efforts.
  • Star Zone USA – web design with integrated radio media player and maintenance for radio station.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric - motion graphic design.
  • Reading Legacy - motion graphic design


  • 11 years of experience with graphic design and typography via Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, Maya
  • 13 years of experience with responsive front and back-end web development.
    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, PHP, SQL, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress
    • SEO, CRO, SMM, PPC
  • Digital photography, 3D design and typography.
  • Foreign Language Proficiency: Cantonese (IRL-5), Mandarin (IRL-5), Japanese (IRL-3)


School of Professional Studies & Fine Art | San Diego State University | 2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences with emphasis in Multimedia Design.


  • Playing music, learning new instruments
  • Volunteer work within church community
  • Illustration and composition